Conservative American says Thank You!

We just wanted to offer a quick note of thanks to you for helping ConservativeAmerican.org to have its best month, this month (February) since our August re-launch.  Thank you!

Thanks to you, we have seen substantial growth in 7 of the 8 months since we relaunched last year.  With your help, and the help of more than 205 other websites linking to us, we obtained a Google Page Rank of 3 in just 3 months.  As we continue to Leading the way Right with creative and fun conservative news and views, it is worth the time to offer our gratitude to you.

How you can help ConservativeAmerican.org:

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  • When you are visiting other sites, add a link to one of our posts to help back up the point you are making.  This has a great impact and is very appreciated.  Already more than 205 other sites are linking to us, from HotAir.com to the Huffington Post, from National Review Online to Politico and the American Thinker, people are buzzing about ConservativeAmerican.org.
  • Please prayerfully consider making a gift of $1 a month, or $5, $20, $50 – whatever you can do.  Your support will help us to boost the importance and impact of the site, spreading conservatism around the nation.

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    You pick the amount and we’re grateful for your help! Thanks!

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