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By Peter Andrew, Author “Legacy of Lies – The 2009 Obama Administration.”
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PRESS RELEASE… Hundreds of news reports reviewing President Barack H. Obama’s performance contain the same two wordsBroken Promises. It remains a theme in news reports to this day. Will this be the President’s legacy? Conservative American Peter Andrew thinks so. He’s written a brand new book entitled, “Legacy of Lies – The 2009 Obama Administration.”

The book features an amazing list of 924 broken promises, flip-flops, lies and scandals from Team Obama. And while “LOL” is used in text messages to mean laugh out loud, the author says this “LOL” (Legacy of Lies) will be more likely to shock most Americans. “Hundreds of the items in Legacy of Lies were never on your nightly TV news,” Andrew says. For each scandal listed, another “LOL” is included. This time it stands for the possible “Liberal Objection Line” you might hear in response to the issue raised.

Andrew calls the book the ultimate Tea Partier’s guide! Far from a political “rant,” Legacy of Lies is a carefully researched historical reference guide backed up with dates, facts, figures, 22 pages of sources and an easy indexto help readers find items related to the economy, war, terrorism, and what Andrew calls the “ObamaCare Nightmare!” There’s an entire chapter on ObamaCare with more than 150 broken promises, lies, flip-flops and scandals. The book also includes details on 105 Czars, lobbyists, appointment scandals and nominees with tax problems.

Andrew is a Midwest Conservative with a broadcast news/journalism degree and 10 years of experience as a radio journalist. He currently lives in Wisconsin with his wife and children and runs the popular conservative blog, “ConservativeAmerican.org.” Along with keeping a running tally of the broken promises, the website hosts the fun “What’s My Palin Name?” Game and the controversial Obama Death Count (an admittedly absurd count designed to point out the absurdity of the Bush Death Counts).

Peter Andrew’s work has been discussed at the Politico, the Huffington Post, Hot Air, Politics Daily and more than 145 other websites!

Conservative Radio talk show hosts like Mark Levin and Tammy Bruce have pointed their listeners to the work of Peter Andrew and his ConservativeAmerican.org website on their shows!

Find out why! Order your copy of Legacy of Lies – The 2009 Obama Administration Today!!


New Obama Book: Legacy of Lies!

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Legacy of Lies – The 2009 Obama Administration is also available atAmazon.com! However, they have it priced at about $29 as of this posting.

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