Conservative Panel on Climate’s Report – #CPOC2014

Conservative Panel on Climate
By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

The Conservative Panel on Climate (CPOC) today released its findings after an extensive study on climate change. You may find the results a bit… well, logical.

The CPOC founder said…

Look, the facts are clear. The climate changes every thousand years, every century, every year, each season, month, week and day. The climate has always changed and will always change. Those who deny such self-evident truth, are the real Climate Change Deniers.

It is complete nonsense to pretend that a changing climate is some kind of “crisis.” It’s even worse when politicians try to dupe taxpayers into spending billions of dollars to somehow “fix” climate change before, they say, ‘It’s too late.’

If we fixed climate change, I guess that means there would no longer be any change. There would be no more seasons. It some places it would never rain, in other places it would never stop raining. Everything would continue exactly as it was the moment these politicians “fix” the broken “climate.” That would, of course, be a disaster of epic proportions and would wipe out entire species.

The debate is over. It’s time for taxpayers to realize that the entire climate change issue, from green jobs to green cars and a green economy, has all be made up to allow democrat politicians to take more of your money and redistribute it to their supporters. It fits well into the grand Obama plan to punish the U.S.A. for being itself and to take some of the nation’s wealth and redistribute it to socialist-union-democrat activists all around the world.

Climate change is a carefully marketed product sold to uninformed citizens as a crisis point in their lives that can only be solved if we stop debating things they call silly (like FACTS) and get back to taxing and spending like good little liberals.

The only thing that can repair climate change, they claim, is to spend money on it.

The only way, they say, to do that is by raising taxes on wealthy, white, fat-cat, CEO-types who provide nothing more for us than silly things like jobs, healthcare and ways to support our family. These are the evil, black, slimy, corporate-oil villains who have victimized those who seek to make livings out of being victims (like President Barack Hussein Obama).

Climate change is real. Always has been. Always will be. There is no reason to spend one single cent of money on it. The debate is over. Let’s move on.

Oh, if only. If only a republican running for President could speak passionately like that. If only a Conservative American leader would step forward and eloquently speak truth to power, we could return to an age of common sense and prosperity.

CPOC was formed in 2008 by ConservativeAmerican.org founder Peter Andrew, along with his partners, Danny and David.

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