Conservative Principles Help Economy!

How Conservative Principles Can Help the Economy

Part 3 of a 7 part series December 3-9, 2008


For each of the next five days, we’ll be looking at two core principles of traditional conservative Americans and how they can be put to work to repair the economy. This is part three of our series.



  • The Strongest Military in the World – the best people, technology, strategies and equipment providing peace through strength and wisdom. Providing security for our nation and our people.


As conservatives we talk about wanting a smaller federal tax burden on our shoulders and wanting to reduce the size of government. The military is one area we think should be made stronger. Enough cuts can be made in programs that don’t work to allow these changes to happen without increasing anyone’s tax burden. We can reduce the size of government far more than the increases we suggest for the military.



In the movie Iron Man, the superhero says “Peace is the biggest stick,” to which a reporter replies, “That’s something, coming from the guy who makes the sticks” (he’s a weapons maker in the movie). The point? There is no economy to worry about with a strong military with the biggest sticks.


The most recent election found democrats starting with a huge anti-war movement. However, by the end of the campaign, they were stealing our issue (some of them sounded more like our guys and gals than our guys and gals did) of wanting a strong military. What did we do? The same thing the guys running the Republican Party and any so-called conservatives holding national office always do. Nothing. We let them take the issue and put on our sad little puppy faces again. We need a new conservative American running the republican national committee and we need new conservatives running for and winning national offices.


Spending money to recruit the best people to employ winning strategies and spending money to create the best technology, weapons and equipment is another way to ensure a strong republic and improve our economy. Democrats want to spend more money on existing federal programs and spend billions more to create new ones. They want to hire people to build roads (some of them could sure use some help!) and build new schools. The funny thing is, the one thing they don’t want to increase is the military. The same can be said about people on our side of the aisle but in reverse. Conservatives want to cut spending and get rid of federal programs. The one thing we want to increase is the military. Odd how those things work. The only place we want the government to employ more people is the military and homeland security forces.



  • Honoring the Military – most pay levels for the military are substantially out of date and too low. This is one area where the conservative American believes we should increase spending. Let’s double the pay given to our enlisted men and women, increase other wages and benefits, and take better care of our injured veterans. Let’s show these brave and unselfish people how grateful a nation can be.


As a nation, we should probably be ashamed of ourselves in this one case; we could do a lot better for the men and women serving in our armed forces. Here we go again, saying we are conservatives and yet wanting to spend more money. Don’t panic! We can make cuts elsewhere. Wal-Mart has a slogan, “ETDT.” It stands for “Eliminate The Dumb Things.” We can eliminate the dumb things we do in government and actually spend some money on one of the most essential reasons we have a federal government: our military.


Let’s get our issue back and stand by our military volunteers. We suggest doubling the pay for enlisted men and women, improving wages for others in the military and increasing benefits, especially in the area of healthcare and taking care of injured veterans.


We believe strengthening the military can be one method used to improve the economy.


Continues tomorrow with American creativity and freedom…

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