Conservative Solutions: Immigration

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

While immigration is way down the list of America’s priorities, republicans in Washington, D.C. insist on moving the issue forward. Some poll they handed to Reince Priebus said the GOP lost in 2012 because they did not attract Hispanic support, so they want to do something.

Here’s some ideas…

  1. THE BORDER – In the age of the ever-present risk of terrorist attacks, the borders must be sealed and secured. If the President and Washington, D.C. won’t do it, the governors of border states should use the National Guard troops which they command to enforce what the democrat politicians like to call “the law of the land” (when it is convenient for them to do so). The first priority is the southern border with Mexico, but some attention also must be paid to the northern border with Canada.
  2. STOP PUNISHING THOSE WHO DO IT RIGHT – We have to identify the numerous ways in which our present system penalizes those who try to come to this country legally. For example, if a person comes here legally as a student, then is unable to find a job right away, they are deported. On the other hand, if they come here illegally states offer them free tuition, and they get to stay after they graduate even if they don’t have a job.
  3. START PUNISHING THOSE WHO DO IT WRONG – We are a nation of laws which our current administration chooses to ignore. The US Border Patrol should be able to fulfill its mission and carry out its duties unrestricted by the whims of President Obama. Enforce the laws. You break them, you’re out.
  4. FIGHT BACK WITH WORDS – The democrat politicians like to come up with fake words for “Illegal Alien.” They use much more pleasant sounding phrases. Conservative Americans must fight back taking every opportunity to point out the foolishness of these dishonest phrases.
  5. FIGHT BACK THROUGH THE COURTS – Citizens should take local school districts to court to demand they require proof of citizenship prior to enrollment and that an honest verification process is in place to make sure they are getting accurate information rather than falsified documents. Whey the Hell should American citizens work and pay taxes to provide free education to people who are here illegally from other nations?! No one would support that idea. Citizens should take the government to court to demand that we stop providing free healthcare and free college tuition (paid for by US Taxpayers!) to illegal aliens. Use part of the money we save to send people back to the countries they came from. It is not your responsibility, as a US Taxpayer, to pay for education, healthcare, driver’s licenses, and government benefits and services for those who have broken the law to get here.
  6. CITIZEN RIGHTS – Get a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court which clearly states that RIGHTS outlined in our Constitution are only applicable to actualy U.S. Citizens. This would mean we stop providing so-called “rights” to those who are not entitled to them, including illegal aliens and even terrorists tried in civilian courts. These terrorists are not entitled to a lawyer, the 5th Ammendment or anything else that a U.S. Citizen is, in fact, entitled to.
  7. LET PEOPLE IN LEGALLY – Adopt a clear policy on how many people we allow to legally immigrate into this nation each year and stick to it.

It is not our responsibility as Americans to be the providers for the rest of the world through our government. Americans are very generous and contribute many millions to charities to do good works all over the world. Those are free-will offerings, not taxes. That is the appropriate way for Americans to reach out and have a real impact on those in genuine need in the world. It is not appropriate to tax every American and force them to “donate” to provide education, government benefits and healthcare to illegal aliens who, by definition, are not U.S. Citizens.

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