Could this be Axelrod’s Syria Plan?

By David Kremer – ConservativeAmerican.org ‘We get carpets cleaner!’

Seven steps accomplished in the Axelrod plan to eliminate republicans.  Seven to go.

The use of chemical weapons in Syria. Sketchy evidence that the administration won’t release to the public.  An anticipated “no” vote on the President’s request to attack Syria.  They knew all of this would happen.

I can’t stand David AxelrodHe’s a liar and he’s proud of it, having invented the lie of astroturfing.  He has proven, however, that he has skills in thinking out scenarios several steps ahead of his opponents.  To beat these socialists who worship the Gospel of Saul Alinsky, one has to realize what their strategy is and outsmart them.

I wonder about this.  I think Axelrod is in charge here and that seems to have been proven correct.  I also think he presented the idea of going to congress to ask permission to attack Syria as a no-lose for the President.  As I wrote last Sunday, “If congress says no attack and things in Syria only get worse, again he can blame congress.”

Did Axelrod anticipate the expected “No” vote on attacking Syria? I think he did.  This has never had anything to do with Syria or with the people killed by chemical attacks.

Try this scenario on for size…

  1. Syrian rebels ask USA for help
  2. Team Obama says, for the most part, go jump in a lake
  3. Obama goofs and makes his “red line” comment
  4. Rebels ask again and say ‘What can we do to help you?’  Those are magic words to the perpetual Obama campaign.
  5. Enter Axelrod. Secret meetings happen to plan a “war-changing event” and the follow-up to it.
  6. Team Obama sits by and allows chemical attack to happen.
  7. The President pretends to be outraged.  He genuinely gets nervous and waffles on what to do, changing plans several times a day. Axelrod encourages him to stick with the original plan and ask Congress for permission to attack Syria.  He reviews with him each scenario and how the President wins no matter what. Obama follows through and asks for the blessing of congress, careful to use the word “congress” over and over, knowing that most Americans think this means only the House of Representatives, run by those nasty republicans.   This helps to set up the blame strategy.
  8. As anticipated, Congress votes “No” attack.  The president comments publicly that while he disagrees strongly and worries that the republicans in congress have just sentenced more people to death, he will abide by the vote and take no action.  He’s such a good guy after all and he respects *choke* the ‘process.’
  9. A number of weeks later, just as planned in the secret meetings, a second chemical attack takes place worse than the first. 300 to 500 people are murdered.
  10. Within hours, the attack is launched by the US military, striking numerous targets in Syria.
  11. At the same time, the President addresses the nation on Live TV.  He is visibly (pretending to be) angry.  He reviews the case for the American people. He asked the republicans for help in a matter of national security and they said no.  He asked for their support of the military and because of partisan politics, those dang republicans said no.  They are against anything, we will be told, that the first white-black president tries to put forward.  He will lecture us that ‘The time for this uber-partisan style politics, has come and gone.’ He won’t tolerate it anymore.  This only proves that at times he has to act without the approval of the republican congress.  Because of their lack of action, 400 people have been murdered. He has today, bravely and courageously acted on his own.  The republicans have shown once and for all they simply cannot be trusted to do what is best for the nation.  He ordered attacks and they are going on now.
  12. Working with the rebels, the attacks either kill Assad or permanently remove him from power — quickly ushering in the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood, those moderate pals of the President, to run Syria.
  13. Obama is a hero.  Public agrees strongly that republicans like Rand Paul were only playing games.
  14. 2014 elections give democrats control of the house, and they maintain control of the senate, the White House, the courts, the schools, the unions and more.  Time to go in for the kill.  This is what the war in Syria, what the Syrian rebels can do to help President Obama.  This is what it is all about.

Agree? Disagree?  We could have something here?  We’ve lost our minds?

Add your comments.

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