Cruz “Hailed” in Iowa


The Dubuque (IA) Telegraph Herald headline today is, “Cruz Hailed at Iowa Event.” No kidding! Shortly after an 8-minute standing ovation in his home state of Texas, Cruz was the keynote speaker at an Iowa state republican party event.

Reporter Erin Murphy notes,

“There was symmetry in Cruz’s appearance in Iowa, where libertarian conservatives control the state party…”

So, according to this reporter, what could be worse than a republican? Well a conservative republican of course. And what could be worse than a conservative republican? How about calling them a “libertarian conservative” republican! That will scare the pants off them! Everyone knows those wacky libertarians are nuts after all, riiiight?

Oh well, at least they admitted he was “hailed” as this reporter helped the democrat party with the Palinization of Conservative American Ted Cruz. They also reported that republican Gopal Krishna of Iowa said, “He [Cruz] became a hero for all conservative Constitutional republicans.”

Yes, Gopal, he did. He did indeed.

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