Dan Borchers ‘Hates’ Ann Coulter? – Criticizes us for Defending Her!

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

UPDATE: Daniel Borchers contacted us and said he does not “Hate” Ann Coulter. He says we inferred a hatred that he did not imply. No one except Daniel knows what is in his heart, so this is fair feedback. We put “Hates” in quotes and added the question mark to our headline. In fact, the point about inferring something that he says was not implied, is part of the point we make about his logic. So, this is indeed a fair criticism and I apologize to Dan for ‘assuming’ that hatred toward Ann Coulter was his position.

Daniel Borchers is a man who has created a website that exists specifically to attack the thngs Ann Coulter says. He has written a book, “Never Trust Ann Coulter, At ANY Age!” So, you can draw your own conclusions about where he is coming from. He has a right to his opinions. However, his recent attack on ConservativeAmerican.org uses the same faulty “logic” that the so-called “Politi-Fact” site used to blast Coulter.

It’s all about Ann Coulter showing up on Fox news one morning and telling the story of how the changes Obamacare required had killed one of her friend’s sisters. We reported the truth about the case and provided proof. Ann’s friend’s sister did in fact die and she died because of the changes Obamacare forced upon her and her family.

Yet Borchers, always willing to see negative in Coulter, claims we “attempted” (actually, we succeeded) “to fully exonerate Coulter’s erroneous scoop.” The “scoop,” the only reason the story was talked about after her Fox TV interview, was that someone had died because of Obamacare. That was the scoop. The scoop was NOT about Blue Cross being in California or not. The sccop was NOT about Blue Cross insuring this friend’s sister or not. But those incorrect assumptions are why the liberals and the left jumped all over Coulter and incorrectly claimed it was a lie.

As “evidence,” that she “lied” about the whole story, they pointed to Coulter’s error that Blue Cross had completely pulled out of California. Liberals, especially Politifact, incorrectly inferred from that statement something that factually was not implied. As we pointed out in our story, the left assumed that this incorrect statement meant that the friend’s sister lived in California and that she had Blue Cross. Neither of those things were said. Neither were implied. Those are facts.

But Borchers still maintains the Blue Cross error was the real “scoop.” Apparently it’s not news that someone died because of Obamacare. To Borchers, it’s only newsworthy because Coulter misspoke about Blue Cross!Here’s how he quotes Coulter from the video below:

She had been thrown off her insurance plan, you know Blue Shield just completely pulled out of California

My kids like to point out that theres a difference between these two phrases:
“Time to eat Grandpa!” &
“Time to eat, Grandpa!”
The first sentence would leave us with a dead Grandpa. “Commas save lives,” my kids say.

Borchers is treating Coulter’s spoken words as if they were written ahead of time in sentence form with grammar check. That’s not how people speak. For some people, many thoughts are going on at one time, and when one hits the surface it comes out, even in mid-thought on something else. It’s sloppy, but it is reality. So here’s how we would write down the spoken words, the same words, that Borchers writes down…

She had been thrown off her insurance plan. Ya know Blue Shield just completely pulled out of California.”

The removal of the comma, indicating this Blue Cross statement is a new thought is accurate. Our written version is accurate and Borchers’ is not. How can we be sure that Borchers is wrong? At the time Coulter made the statements to Fox, she knew Julie Stovall did not live in California. That necessarily means this was just a thought that hit her and she blurted it out. It supported her position, she thought, that Obamacare is kicking millions off insurance plans they liked. It was as if she wanted to say, “Yeah, and Obamacare is doing this to many people, not just Julie.” Obamacare is kicking millions off of plans they liked, but Coulter was wrong about Blue Cross leaving California. That does not make the previous sentence (again without the comma) untrue. In fact, the previous sentence was true. Julie Stovall had been thrown off her insurance plan. But Borchers insists. He even divides her quotes and adds his own comments inbetweeen as if they are part of what she said…

From Borchers' PDF
From Borchers’ PDF

Notice the fiction he inserts?! Then he says WE got it all wrong! Nonsense.

From our earlier post…

Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter happens to be friends with one of Julie [Stovall]’s sisters, Melanie Graham, so Coulter knew about this situation. Coulter mentioned the case, without details, during a Fox TV interview, a mention that earned her a “Pants on Fire” Lie Award from the so-called “Politifact” website. Ann Coulter was right. The story is not a lie, despite the liberal politifact’s claim. Here’s the video…

Politifact jumped to the conclusion that this person lived in California and had Blue Cross-Blue Shield. Neither statement was true. While a viewer could infer those things from what Coulter said, Coulter did NOT say Julie Stovall was from California and she did NOT say Stovall had Blue Cross…

…Here’s the problem for Coulter critics; this sad story unfortunately is true. Ann Coulter did NOT lie. And ConservativeAmerican.org can answer those questions that Doug’s article left out…

Her last name was Stovall. She lived in Clifton, Virginia. The family chose not to have the normal obituary printed. It was, however, mentioned in her Church bulletin…

Stoval obit 0101DOTnccdn.netSLASH1_5SLASH0f8SLASH0e0SLASH1e9SLASH022314DOTpdf

A friend of Julie’s said a memorial service was held at St. Andrew the Apostle Church on February 12th. Her coworker “Robin M.” said, “I miss her greatly. She and I worked together at a business in Alexandria, VA for almost 30 years.”

Julie Graham-Stovall was one of the 5-million people who lost their privately purchased, family health plan because it did not meet the requirements of the new Obamacare Nightmare law. She was one of those people with a story to tell about how Obamacare had a negative impact on her family, one of those that Senate Marjority Leader Harry Reid this week called a “Liar…”

…If she had been able to keep her plan that she liked, she would have gone to the doctor as soon as she started feeling so poorly. That extra day or two or three may have saved her life. Only God knows that for sure.

It is a fact, however, that she delayed treatment specifically because of the changes forced on her family by the big lie of President Obama and his Obamacare Nightmare, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.”

Sorry, Mr. Borchers. You can state factually that Ann Coulter was wrong about Blue Cross in California. That’s fine and we have no beef with that. But you cannot insert your own thoughts into what Ann Coulter said and then say because of that, ConservativeAmerican.org was wrong.

You can’t make this story go away because it will keep happening (see our post yesterday).

Not only are we correct on this story, we are Leading the way Right.