Death by Obamacare – The Real Story of Julie Stovall, The Woman Ann Coulter Spoke About

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.


photo of first person to die because of Obamacare
ConservativeAmerican.org Picture – Mrs. Julie Stovall, Clifton, Virginia.

The day after Christmas last year, we wrote a post called, “Obamacare 2014: Who Dies First?” We asked if the news of that first passing would happen in January. We were only off by a few hours. It was in the early morning hours of February 1st, when the first death unfortunately happened.

55-year-old Julianne “Julie” Stovall was a happily married mother of four living in Clifton, Virginia. Her kids ranged in age from 13-23. She had spent 25 years in marriage to her husband, John. Her tragic death on February 1st, 2014 is the first known death that happened because of changes the Obamacare law required.

She was a real person. A daughter. A sister. A wife. A mother. A friend and coworker. She was loved and is dearly missed by her children, spouse and family. This is a true story.

Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter happens to be friends with one of Julie’s sisters, Melanie Graham, so Coulter knew about this situation. Coulter mentioned the case, without details, during a Fox TV interview, a mention that earned her a “Pants on Fire” Lie Award from the so-called “Politifact” website. Ann Coulter was right. The story is not a lie, despite the liberal politifact’s claim. Here’s the video…

Politifact jumped to the conclusion that this person lived in California and had Blue Cross-Blue Shield. Neither statement was true. While a viewer could infer those things from what Coulter said, Coulter did NOT say Julie Stovall was from California and she did NOT say Stovall had Blue Cross.

Coulter did NOT lie!
Coulter did NOT lie!

After taking heat for the comment,CORRECTION: Ann did not post this in response to any criticism. Coulter posted on her website an article written about the woman who passed away. It was written by the deceased woman’s brother, Doug Graham, who only identified his late sibling as “Julie.” The details he offered presented some problems for those who wanted to defend Coulter’s story. Why was no last name given? What city and state did this woman live in? Why was no obituary available online? Many liberal websites used this to claim Coulter made the whole thing up. Along with politifact, News Hounds called it “outrageous” and a “lie.”

Here’s the problem for Coulter critics; this sad story unfortunately is true. Ann Coulter did NOT lie. And ConservativeAmerican.org can answer those questions that Doug’s article left out…

Her last name was Stovall. She lived in Clifton, Virginia. The family chose not to have the normal obituary printed. It was, however, mentioned in her Church bulletin…

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A friend of Julie’s said a memorial service was held at St. Andrew the Apostle Church on February 12th. Her coworker “Robin M.” said, “I miss her greatly. She and I worked together at a business in Alexandria, VA for almost 30 years.”

Julie Graham-Stovall was one of the 5-million people who lost their privately purchased, family health plan because it did not meet the requirements of the new Obamacare Nightmare law. She was one of those people with a story to tell about how Obamacare had a negative impact on her family, one of those that Senate Marjority Leader Harry Reid this week called a “Liar.”

Doug Graham wrote about this about his sister – please note the portions we put in bold

“She died because she delayed seeking health care [treatment] for what turned out to be a catastrophic condition after her private health insurance policy was cancelled because of Obamacare. As she waited for a new Obamacare-approved policy to kick in, her condition deteriorated to the point that it was too late… my sister and her family struggled through the expensive and incompetently designed Obamacare website to find a new policy. Unfortunately, while they waited for their new Obama-approved healthcare plan to finally kick in, my little sister fell ill. She couldn’t keep down solid food. She should have gone to a doctor. But she toughed it out, as many people do, until her new coverage would kick in on February 2. She and her husband didn’t have a lot of money, so she didn’t want to incur what she thought were avoidable medical expenses. But she didn’t make it. It turns out that, unbeknownst to her, she wasn’t suffering from an upset stomach or food poisoning, but a badly blocked gall bladder that had become highly infected. Her body went into septic shock just two days before her Obamacare policy would have kicked in [January 31st]. Her kidneys shut down. She went to the emergency room where, after heroic efforts, a marvelous medical team managed to stabilize her condition. I saw Julie that day for several hours. She could not move, or speak, but a tear trickled down her check when she saw the eldest daughter of her four children. After I left, hoping for the best, I learned the next day that her gentle heart stopped beating around 4:00 a.m.[February 1st]”

Notice Mr. Graham freely admits Julie delayed seeking health care treatment from a doctor or hospital. She wanted to wait for the new policy to kick in because she loved her family so much and wanted to save them the extra money. She worried about the high cost to pay out-of-pocket for the entire medical expense of her visit. That money could have been used to support the family she dearly loved instead. Besides, she clearly thought, she was not that sick and this could wait. Her brother says she should have gone to a doctor. She did have a new Obamacare plan ready to kick in on February 2nd. She just needed two more days. Something she did not get.

While we did have communications with Ann Coulter Clarification: Via a Twitter comment and Melanie Graham for this story, we did not attempt to interview Stovall’s immediate family. They are going through enough right now and did not ask to be put into this situation. Melanie did say of her sister, “She was one of the sweetest people you’d ever know.”

If she had been able to keep her plan that she liked, she would have gone to the doctor as soon as she started feeling so poorly. That extra day or two or three may have saved her life. Only God knows that for sure.

It is a fact, however, that she delayed treatment specifically because of the changes forced on her family by the big lie of President Obama and his Obamacare Nightmare, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.”

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    1. Peter, Coulter did not lie. She was telling a story about a woman we now know is Julie Stovall. In the midst of that story, as happens quite often to most people, another thought popped into her mind — a related thought, so she said that thought out loud before continuing her story. She did NOT say Julie was from California, nor did she say that Julie had Blue Cross Blue Shield. You can infer that, but it is not what she implied. Good luck with your book.

  1. The left will say she did not die due to Obamacare. They will claim she died because she didn’t go to the doctor on time. However, the reason she didn’t go was due to Obamacare.

    1. Right on, Mustang. We’re not driving our father’s Oldsmobiles anymore. Left will continue to claim this story is not true. Hope you will return often and add your insight. Your comments are always welcome here even when you disagree with us! TY

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