Decades Old Mental Health Issue Used as Political Weapon in Texas!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.
And boy are we RIGHT on this one.

Click2Visit Dan Patrick's website
Click2Visit Dan Patrick’s website
Some sleezy repubicans in Texas have dug up and released private medical records of Conservative American Lieutenant Governor Candidate Dan Patrick.

This is just plain wrong.

Yes, health of a candidate is a fair issue. Voters deserve to know if they are electing a person healthy enough to fulfill the roles the job demands. Note to liberals: Read that again in case you didn’t hear it the first time. However, bringing up mental health records from 25 years ago is way out of line!

Those who advocate for mental health issues and try to support those dealing with mental illness need to stand up and denounce this horrible act. We are calling today on the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) to issue a statement about this matter. NAMI is a great group that does wonderful work.

Patrick did this the right way. As a society, we want people with mental illness to seek help, to get that professional help, to heal, to learn, to cope and to be able to move on and make something out of the rest of their lives. We don’t want them wandering the streets, carrying out criminal acts, or becoming dependent on taxpayer support. The goal is help and healing. That’s what we want. That’s exactly what Dan Patrick did. He had the courage to ask for help when he needed it most. Now the scummy Patterson wants to blast him for it to score revenge?!

I urge you to do what you can to support Dan Patrick.

Would Patterson launch the same kind of attacks if Patrick’s illness was physical? If it perhaps put him in a wheelchair? Of course not! If he has a heart, Patterson would never dream of doing that. So why, as a society, do we allow people to have physical illnesses but not to have mental illnesses? Everyone screams when a person who is mentally ill carries out a criminal act, but no one seems to want to admit that mental illnesses exist, can be treated effectively, and should not be viewed as something to be ashamed of.

It’s Patterson who should be ashamed.

I hope Dan Patrick wins so he can consider being a national advocate himself on mental health issues.

Fox News reports

“The medical history on Patrick, drawn from a criminal and civil court case, was released by Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, who finished fourth in the primary but later endorsed Dewhurst. The records chronicle psychiatric hospital stays in 1982 and 1986 in which Patrick… [was treated for being] severely depressed.” Patterson says… “the issue is not the chain of custody of documents, but whether Dan Patrick is the most fit to serve in arguably the most powerful position in the state.” Patterson acquired the documents through an attorney who “does not want to be named.”

The attorney scumbag doesn’t want to be named?! Oh, isn’t that convenient for him! He wants his privacy. After all, he (or she) doesn’t want his good name dragged through the mud… like he (or she) did to Dan Patrick! So the attorney didn’t give a damn about Patrick’s privacy, but expects his own? Shame on that person. Again from Fox...

“Although the incumbent [Dewhurst] has attempted to distance himself from the material, an email from Patterson to reporters suggests Dewhurst was indecisive on the plan — yet in the loop. Patrick released a statement saying his opponent lied and then tried to cover it up. “Dewhurst started the day denying any involvement in the release of my medical records. His hapless surrogate, Jerry Patterson, removed all doubt in an afternoon email misfire where he clearly stated that it was Dewhurst’s idea,” the statement reads.

Using mental health as a political attack weapon must not be tolerated. Any politician in any party who stoops to this level needs to be held accountable by voters who reject them. Remember, Dan Patrick did everything correctly here. He did what society wants him to do.

This is a horrible, horrible act on the part of some desperate scummy politicians.

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