Defaults, Budgets & Obamacare – GOP Hypocrisy

GOP THINKING: If Cruz knew the defunding Obamacare effort would never work, then why even try it?

GOP FLIP-FLOP: Because we know the Obamacare law will never work, we should go ahead and try it!

Huh?! Hypocrisy is no way to lead.

Finally, I say. Finally someone stands up for Conservative Americans. It’s about time and today it feels refreshing and energizing! U.S. Senator Ted Cruz is being criticized by the pre-scripted democrat media today, and even by some republicans, because they blame him for the shutdown mess. Even callers to conservative talk radio shows today bought the democrat narrative that republicans “lost” big time. They use this faux premise as the starting point of their argument. It’s foolish.

I don’t want to blame Ted Cruz. I want to thank him! It’s about freaking time that someone, anyone, in the U.S. Senate stood up and defended Conservative Americans, the Tea Party and the Constitution! Senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee also get a thank-you from us for their support that almost everyone else seems to be saying was so awful. They started with defunding and knew they wouldn’t get it. Then they moved, compromised, negotiated to delay the Obamacare Nightmare. This was the Cruz plan.

It’s not Cruz’s fault the permanent hypocrite republicans wouldn’t support him. The Conservative Americans support him! We appreciate the fact that at least three people in Washington actually tried to stop this Obamacare mess. To them we say, “Thank you so much! Keep it up!”

Ideas and leadership generally start with just one person. It takes one person to stand up for what is right to make a difference. The obvious hope and prayer is that others will then feel safe to agree and will support that one person. So where were the others?

All these republicans who criticize Cruz, including Conservative American Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin (who won election to fight Obamacare), say if Cruz knew the defund plan would never work, then why even try it?

What’s the alternative Senator Johnson? Is the other choice to just give up completely?

Seems many in the GOP prefer the strategy to let Obamacare happen so people can see what’s in it. Hey, that sounds a lot like Na… wait,… nah. That’s not a fair comparison, is it?

If we know, Mr. Johnson, that Obamacare will never work, then why even try it? See what I did there? I’m using your own logic. Yet, this is the new white-flag republican strategy.

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