Democrat Attack Press Only Asks Walker

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.
Staying fresh with Poo-pouri.

Team Hillary has its democrat press minions working to destroy the new republican favorite for 2016; Governor Scott Walker. They asked him what he thought of the former New York Mayor saying President Obama does not love his country. He declined to answer. They tried to trap him by asking if he thinks Obama is a Christian. He told them to go ask Obama.

The press doesn’t actually care what Scott Walker thinks about either of these things (or anything else for that matter). The goal was simply to trip Walker up so they could picture him battered and bruised on their front pages and get in the good graces with Madame Hillary.

Ask yourself this. Why haven’t they asked any other republican running for President the same question? Here’s just a few they could ask…

Our ConservativeAmerican.org ranking today…
Top Tier:
1. Gov. Scott Walker

2. Sen. Ted Cruz
3. Gov. Rick Perry
4. Sen. Rick Santorum
5. Gov. Susana Martinez
6. Gov. Mike Pence
7. Gov. John Kasich
8. Rep. Trey Gowdy
9. Sen. Marco Rubio
10. Gov. Sarah Palin

Below the fold:
11. Rep. Paul Ryannot running
12. Gov. Bobby Jindal
13. Gov. Nikki Haley
14. Gov. Jeb Bush
15. Sen. Rand Paul
16. Dr. Benjamin Carson
17. Carly Fiorina
18. Gov. Mary Fallin
19. Gov. Mitt Romney not running.
20. Gov. Sam Brownback
21. Rep. Peter King
22. Rep. J.C. Watts
23. Lt. Col. & Rep. Allen West
24. Donald Trump
25. Gov Bob McDonnel
26. Gov Jan Brewer
27. Sen Tim Scott
28. Sen John Thune
29. Rep. Michele Bachmann
30. Rep. Newt Gingrich
31. Gov. Mike Huckabee
32. Gov. Chris Christie
33. Sen. Lindsey Graham

Nope. The press doesn’t care what they think. That doesn’t help to knock Conservative American Governor Scott Walker off his high horse. They only care (right now) what Walker thinks. And his great responses are a lesson to other candidates and a refreshing change for Conservative Americans.

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