Democrats Abandon Obama, Give him a 72-Hour Deadline!

UPDATE: Megyn Kelly reported tonight that democrats have given Obama 72 hours to either announce major changes in Obamacare, or they will abandon him on the issue!!!

GQ Pic of Fox's Megyn Kelly
GQ Pic of Fox’s Megyn Kelly

Barack Hugo Obama had a bad day today.

Billy Bob Clinton came out today and publicly criticized Mr. Obama’s socialist takeover of healthcare and specifically the lie about keeping your health plan if you like it.  There no doubt is some Hillary-2016 motivation to Billy Bob’s comments.  Either that or Mr. Clinton’s old health plan included an intern and his new Obamacare plan does not!  That would really tick him off.

Senator Mary Landrieu is running for the hills to get away from President Obama, declining to appear with him in public and promoting a bill that would force the President to enforce his lie and let people keep their old plans if they liked them.

Now, Senator Dianne Feistein is distancing herself from the President as well, a move all democrats who want to keep their jobs should consider.  She will support the bill to force the President to let people keep their old plans if they liked them.

White House Spokesdude Jay Carney said today that allowing people to go back to their old plans that they liked would be like throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Rush Limbaugh then quipped that, finally the democrats had a baby they actually cared about.  The President and his team are a joke.


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