Democrats Projecting (Again) Their Flaws onto those they Hate!

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.
We’re fed up and we know it.

democrats clap when obama says he'll ignore the constitution
Extremists Cheer for Ignoring the Constitution!
The democrats have a strong history of projecting their own flaws onto those they hate. They are unable to run in 2014 on Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform this nation. They are unable to run on government-run healthcare. Americans didn’t vote for a fundamental change away from being American!

So, the democrats are in panic mode and are projecting their own flaws onto fake villains.

The democrat party has a strong history of racism, voting against civil rights and ending slavery. Lyndon Johnson started his own supposed ‘war on poverty’ 50 years ago. It was a creative effort to overtax, overspend and keep black people out of power. Shame on them. After billions and billions of democrat money wasted, the situation for the poor is worse now!

The democrats need black people to remain in poverty so they continue to vote for democrat hand-outs. And they get help from black people like Oprah Winfrey and Collin Powell. Talk about racism! The whole party is hell-bent, with the help of super heroes like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, on keeping black people down. It’s horrible racism that the media ignores. Where are all the stories about how the war on poverty has made things worse?

Still, the dems want you to think the Tea Party is racist. Really? They can’t point to a single case of Tea Party racism. The democrats run everything and black male unemployment has skyrocketed under his royal Barack-ness. The President himself has a giant-sized racist victim chip on his shoulder. He appointed the racist Eric Holder as Attorney General and the racist Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Justice. If you want the real racits, look no further than the democrat party.

The dems want you to think the republicans are extremists. Really? The Tea Partiers want smaller government, lower taxes, and leaders who will actually give a damn what the constitution says!! Those are NOT extreme views. Adhering to what the democrats themselves call the “law of the land” is not being extreme. Being pro-life does not make you an extremist or a hater of women. Give me a break! Abortion kills 591,000 baby women each year in this country. That’s the REAL war on women!

It’s more projection. It’s the socialist-union-democrats (not your father’s democrat party from when Kennedy was president) who are the extremists.

They want to take from those who work to give to those who choose not to. They want to tax the hell out of everyone who works to “support” (and by that, I mean keep in poverty) those less fortunate. They have nationalized healthcare. They erupt into cheers when the President announces he’s going to ignore the Constitution he swore to defend. It’s beyond extremism, it’s insanity! They are cutting the military. They apologize around the world for our actions. They suggest “leading from behind.” They aren’t comfortable even with the words “victory” (thanks, Obama) or “terrorism” and they won’t utter the phrase “war on terror!”

“This is the moment,” Obama promised that we would remember. The moment when he lowered the oceans and ended Bush’s fake war on people who were never really “terrorists,” just misunderstood members of the brotherhood. Give me an effing break!

Next time your favorite democrat says you’re a racist, tell them to look in the mirror at the real racists.

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