Democrats Projection: Accusing GOP of doing what Libs Actually Do!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

You know how the socialist-democrats always say that mean, old, white republicans want to make abortion illegal and turn it back into a ‘back alley’ business? A consistent theme the liberals seem to revert back to is one where they accuse their political opponents of doing something that THEY actually intend to do! It’s called projection.

It won’t be republicans pushing “health care choices” into back alleys. It will be the democrat designed and approved Obamacare Nightmare which pushes people into ‘back alleys’ to get health care choices!

In fact, the stories and discussions have already started. Doctors are declining to be part of Obama’s new Obamacare disaster. Doctors are reducing the number of Medicaid and Medicare patients they will treat as reimbursements from the democrats decline. Some have even said they will no longer accept these patients. Period.

Doctors will begin to offer cash-only services. They’ll offer bargain prices to those willing to pay upfront in cash. This grand plan to insure the uninsured (*It was never truly about that, it was always about redistributing wealth*) will do nothing of the sort. And worse, it will limit healthcare choices to those who can pay cash. This also opens the door to doctors to evade taxes using a cash-only system!

All of this is thanks to the socialist-democrats, or as Obama might call them, ‘only one faction of one party in one White House.’

Another projection:

The same crowd that screams that mean republicans want to take away a woman’s right to make her own healthcare choices, are in fact, the ones taking those choices away! Because of the democrat induced pains of Obamacare, women (and men too, but who cares about them?) will no longer have a choice of which doctor they see. Pro-choice democrats have taken away a woman’s choice to keep the doctor she liked. Pro-choice democrats have taken away a woman’s right to choose the healthcare plan she liked.

Obama Lied – Women lost the right to make their own healthcare choices!

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  1. LD Jackson says:

    It’s always been a mystery to me how women could be so blind that they would believe the Democratic Party is the party they should align themselves with. History does not bear that out, but they continue to do so, with nary a clue.

    I can not count the times when I have witnessed the liberals accusing conservatives of the very thing they were guilty of themselves. I have been accused of hating America and believe America was a failure on my own blog. It’s a full time job, just trying to combat the lies.

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