Dems Celebrate Thanksgiving by Roasting Palin

Because of one or two people with video camera’s, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be roasted by many families this Thanksgiving. The jokes over red wine and a slice of moist white turkey meat will be about Sarah Palin smiling while turkeys were being killed.

Do people understand someone has to kill the turkey if we are going to eat it? It’s not like the turkeys would all live if Sarah Palin hadn’t done this. Still, the actions of one or two people who did this to Governor Palin on purpose, have the media going crazy with delight. They love to show this gross video and tie it to a woman most of them already hate. Nothing could taste better to them this Thanksgiving. They love to use personification to humanize the poor little turkeys! C’mon folks, these birds taste great…we love to eat them! That can only happen after someone butchers them! Still, the headlines try to make it seem as if Sarah Palin was laughing and having a good time while innocent “people” were being brutally murdered by monstrous butchers with grisly devilish intentions.

Marc Lester of the Anchorage Daily News framed this video on purpose. Perhaps one or more other people with video camera’s joined him in their own little career-building PR stunt. They wanted to “get” Sarah Palin while she still is big news, in order to build their own pathetic careers. Losers never understand that you don’t step on other people in order to make yourself “bigger.”

Are those the things you normally think of on Thanksgiving? Do you honestly think of the turkey “people” being brutally murdered by monsters dripping in dark red blood just so you can eat and watch football?

Anyone with a brain can figure out this video was shot on purpose. The people with the camera’s carefully framed the shots to make certain the butcher in the back was included, even the focus of the shot. They purposely avoided a close-up that would have cut this man and the bloody turkeys out of the shot. It even appears the man handling the turkeys in the back is in on the gag. He keeps turning to the camera and seems to be waiting for someone to signal him about what to do next. So how do the reporters in the democrat party media division report on this story?

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