Dems Refuse to Negotiate Govt Shutdown

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Feeling no pain during the government shutdown

Harry Reid and Barack Obama have decided they simply won’t negotiate on anything.  At the same time, they have the unprecedented audacity to actually blame the republicans for the shutdown!  The republicans have shown they ARE willing to negotiate.  The democrat party says “No way!”

Compromise takes two.

Surrender takes only one.

If Barack Obama is so concerned about all the people he said would be devastated by the shutdown “of the economy” (*gag*), perhaps he should decide he actually can negotiate.  Here’s a guy who will talk with our enemies in Iran, but won’t talk with John Boehner.

He claims he’s willing to “sit down” with “reasonable” people (code for only those who 100% Agree with him!) and always has been.  Yet from day one he promised republicans “It’s not going to happen like that.  I won.”

The only thing threatening the democrat elite right now is the Tea Party that wiped them out in 2010.  They are using this government shutdown as a political ploy to blame the tea party “anarchists” (it takes a lot of hubris for these loons to call the Tea Party members anarchists) and win elections in 2014.

This will backfire.

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