Dictator Obama’s “Always” Willing to Compromise Lie

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org

obama-fading-102x140President Barack Hugo Obama today claimed he “has always been willing to compromise!”  That’s an obscene lie, but what else is new for this leader!  Meanwhile the press continues to fail in its important role in our republic and simply repeats his lies without pointing out they are lies.

Fox “Oh Look, another blonde news reporter” News reports today…

“The takeaway was that the president, while willing to talk with Republicans about “almost anything,”

will not do so until they pass a spending bill and raise the debt ceiling. 

“I’ve been willing to compromise my entire political career,” Obama said.

“But I’m not going to breach a basic principle that would weaken the presidency,

change our democracy and do great damage to ordinary people.”

What a crock of bull! Dictator Obama says of course he will compromise (later, maybe) but he will not negotiate (let’s see… doesn’t negotiating include,… uhm… compromise?!).   He’s taking his toys and pouting all the way home to Michelle unless those republicans first give him everything he wants without dealing with the Obama-doesn’t-care Nightmare.  Yeah, right.

Then he has the audacity to claim this would weaken the presidency!!  BS!  Republican and Democrat presidents alike have always been willing to compromise and negotiate to avoid defaulting and keep the government open.  Dictator Obama is the first president to be unwilling to do so.  That is what is not only weakening the presidency (by his design) but destroying it (like he always wanted to do) by making himself a dictator.  Remember, this is the same guy that says if republicans in congress won’t give him what he wants, he’ll just skip congress and rule by executive orders and through his illegal czars.

We all know reporters are biased in favor of democrats.  But I guess I still held out some hope that when push came to shove, they would still be Americans and want to keep this country a great and free republic.  Nope, they’d rather see republicans die than save the nation.  They’d rather have Dictator Obama than be free.  Fools!

The only one changing our democracy is the President.  He wants you to think the republicans are so awful because they want to use the checks and balances put into place by our nation’s founders.  President Obama is against checks and balances because they limit his ability to dictate what happens.  He calls these checks and balances a “breach” of some basic principle of dictators or something!

He is replacing freedom with a government takeover of healthcare.  He illegally stole GM and Chrysler first from those who had loaned the car-makers money, then stole it again from the citizens of the nation and granted himself the authority to then give away an asset owned by the taxpayers.  Of course he gave it to his UAW pals!  Just check the Official Obama Administration Scandals List.  We could go on for hours.  It would take you days to read the entire list.

The President has lost his mindI question his mental stability.  He no longer is living in reality.  He is behaving like a dictator in love with himself, and willing to rule over all of us.  He views the constitution as a document that limits his power (that was the idea, ya bozo!).  He thinks the U.S. Supreme Court failed because it did not redistribute wealth.  He is at best a socialist and at worst a communist and a dictatorAmericans who voted for him should be ashamed of themselves.  Every time you see a car with an Obama bumper sticker on it, leave a note on the windshield telling them you are very sorry that some idiot pasted an Obama sticker on their car and that you understand how embarrassing that must be.

Becoming a Dictator, unwilling to compromise or negotiate, is what is doing great harm to ordinary people, Mr. President.  He soon will proclaim himself King.  And when he does, the press won’t even report it on the nightly TV news.  What’s the big deal after all?  At least those evil freedom-loving Conservative Americans so obsessed with the Constitution will be put in their place.

We should all be mad as hell at the audacity (that’s too small of a word for him, we need a bigger word for him) of this disgusting, racist, hate-filled Dictator wannabe.  Obama should be put on trial, impeached and removed from office.  His successor should make him stand trial for his actions which were illegal and ignored the US Constitution.  When he is convicted, he should be sent to prison.  He swore to uphold and defend the document and its contents, to follow the ‘Laws of the Land.’  He simply has not done so.

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