Did I Miss the Headline: Jeb Bush Drops Out of 2016 Race?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org
Leading the way Right.

Conservative American Champion Ted Cruz, (R) US Senator from Texas
Conservative American Champion Ted Cruz, (R) US Senator from Texas
So Jeb Bush told his pals the other day he has cooler things to do than put up with being demeaned as a candidate for President of the United States. We agree. Jeb Bush should go find some of those cooler things to do and leave the rest of us alone. That’s not the kind of comment made by someone planning to stay in the race. Perhaps I missed his press conference where he dropped out. Not sure it would surprise anyone.

Not to be outdone, the other Florida contender, part-time US Senator Marco Rubio said he doesn’t really have time to do his job as a Senator and what difference, at this point, does it make anyway because nothing they vote on will get past President Obama. So, we’re supposed to elect a guy who admits he doesn’t do his job? Rubio basically admitted that he’s not willing to fight if he doesn’t think he can win. Better just toss in the towel and give the democrats what they want instead. That’s why he’s the establishment GOP candidate. His days are numbered as well. He comes off as too rehearsed in the debates and his sincerity can now be questioned since his passion seems to be artificial.

So with the two favorite sons in the elite republicans arsenal falling by the wayside, who’s left?

Donald Trump and Conservative American Ben Carson. Trump says the right thing and is perhaps the best populist candidate the nation has seen in 50 years or more. He could win with that approach. He’s not a Conservative. Ben Carson is a Conservative American and I like him. I always have. However, after spending years blasting socialist Barack Obama, in part because of his lack of experience, it may be hard to justify electing someone to the nation’s highest office who has never held an office. Still, the nation seems to be in the mood to send the regular politicians on a fast train to hell and gamble on a rookie. Both Carson and Trump have strong chances at this point in the game.

Both also could fall in popularity as time goes on. And then what?

Positioning himself to pick up the torch after Bush, Rubio, Trump and Carson are done is none other than Conservative American champion Ted Cruz. Imagine how wonderful the world could be, my fellow Conservatives, if we had an actual, real, honest Conservative American as the candidate for the Presidency. We’d all think we were in a dream.

And maybe that’s all it is right now is a dream. But then again, maybe…

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