Did Obama Plan Typhoon Haiyan?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – A Golden Amulet of Hope in the midst of Socialist Madness

Bush Katrina Obama Haiyan
Did Bush secretly teach Obama how to create bad weather?

Remember how Hurricane Katrina was all President George W. Bush’s fault?  Apparently it was some kind of sick republican plan just to hurt poor, black people in New Orleans and to stand by and do nothing while fake rapes took place at football stadiums.

Well, with the daily news coverage of the Obamacare Nightmare and its awful launch and people losing their plans and losing their doctors, President Barack H. Obama desperately needed a change he could believe in.  He needed his democrat media pals to talk about something else, something other than Obamacare.

So perhaps it was the Obama administration which actually planned, scheduled and arranged for typhoon Haiyan to happen!!  The motive? Just to get him out of being the constant topic of 24-hour news channels.  It is all about him after all.  Perhaps the typhoon is actually all Obama’s fault!  He and Axelrod came up with this plan after seeking input from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel who suggested another crisis that could not go to waste.

With Obama’s approval rating as low as George W. Bush’s once was, and the appearance of him actually creating a real storm (just like Bush did), maybe its time to blame Barack Obama for absolutely everything.  For example, if you have a great day today that is because you made it happen.  If you have an awful day though, this is obviously Barack Obama’s fault and you should say so.

Other things we can blame Obama for:

  • Typhoon Haiyan
  • avocados
  • The terrible economy
  • The Packers season so far
  • 90-million people out of work
  • American Idol
  • More people on Food Stamps than ever before
  • Dentists
  • More people getting disability than ever before
  • That terrible itch you just can’t reach
  • Obamacare
  • Hemorrhoids
  • High taxes only getting higher
  • Road construction that makes you late
  • Big government now being too small of a term  (Perhaps Huge Government?)
  • Michelle Obama
  • Lima beans
  • Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi
  • Pizza cheese so hot that it burns the top of your mouth
  • Obama-phones
  • Michelle Obama (worth another mention)

What would you add to the list?

All those liberals who failed to actually read this entire post will never notice this is posted under “political humor.”  Instead they will say some nut actually believes Obama caused the typhoon!  Too fun! 

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