Did Obama Want Healthcare.gov to Fail?

obama doesn't care about you
…about you.

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Perhaps the failure of healthcare.gov is by design. I think it’s time to ask;

Did President Barack Obama want the Obamacare website to fail?

I think that is a very real possibility. The Saul Alinsky training Obama received taught him to create chaos. Once the chaos is in place, you personify and blame the enemy (you know, that one faction of one party in the congress thing?).  And when all hope is lost, and nothing can fix the chaos, you show up with the government answer to the problem. Only the government can help those in chaos. Not their families or friends or evil corporations or worse yet, Conservative Americans. Only the government. Only HIS government.

Only Barack Obama can help you now, can free you from the Chaos.

I think it is very possible that Team Obama planned the failure of this website.  If not, you must believe, for example, that the Obama administration is so stupid they did not even think of creating all the back-end programming needed to make the site work until three months before the launch!

Some of what you would need to believe, to accept as fact that the site failing was NOT by design, really requires a big, big stretch of your imagination. How could you spend $600-million on a website and have it fail?

Unless of course, you wanted it to fail all along. Unless, you needed it to fail so that the chaos that followed could allow you to get what you really wanted in the first place… control.

Obama wants power and control. He wants to run a single-payer, government-only health system. By doing so, the voters will be afraid to vote against the democrats ever again!  It will be the democrat party that controls, literally, whether the voter lives or dies. (Yes, there are death panels. Sarah Palin was right and the media is all about reporting that this week… took them a while).

It’s time we wake up to the possibility that Barack Hussein Obama wants his (first) healthcare plan to fail.

It will pave the way for his second healthcare plan, for the massive redistribution of wealth he desires, for the destruction of the republican party which he believes will permanently enshrine him as the greatest democrat ever.

It’s all about him. He is the one. He is the one who knows what is good and just and right. It is his destiny, he is certain of it, to correct the great wrongs that have made him a victim his entire life.  He is looking for the light at the end of the tunnel that has been his life so far. And now he, only he, can give himself that light. And oh, what he’ll feel when it happens!

What he will realize if it happens, and I pray to God it does not, is that he feels absolutely nothing.

Using anger to punish others does not solve one’s internal mental battles.

It is at the moment (if it happens) when all his goals are realized, he will wake up with… nothing.  He still feels like the victim.  He has found no healing.  He is lost.  The man has some serious victim-mentality mental issues that he will have to face one day instead of running away to anger and using that anger to punish all of those he thinks are responsible for the pains in his life, for the unfairness he has endured. If he achieves that ultimate punishment for those he feels are the abusers, he will find himself empty and alone, instead of cured and full of joy.

In a way, I almost feel bad for him.

However, I feel worse for the great nation he is dragging along against its will on his own personal, misguided and ultimately unrewarding journey to some mental healing he desperately needs, but will not receive.

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