Does ‘Year of Action’ apply to the VA?

Remember how President Obama promised congress he was going to skip them and have some kind of made up ‘Year of Action‘ by ruling wihtout them?

democrats clap when obama says he'll ignore the constitution
Extremists Cheer for Ignoring the Constitution!

A year of action? Really? Seems to us it is more like a year of ‘Words, just words.’

He’s supposed to get back together with Shinseki this week to TALK again about the growing Veterans Affairs scandal. So, after the hammering he took last week from both sides of the aisle and even the bewildered press, will he actually DO ANYTHING this week?

I don’t think he will fire Shinseki. This would be admitting that under his administration, things were really screwed up. As Rush Limbaugh notes, President Obama pretends he is an outsider and has nothing to do with the federal government. He’s upset, he says, just like you are! So, Shinseki may go, but it will be months from now (think Kathleen Sebelius) after the scanda has died down so the claim can be made that his departure had nothing to do with the VA scandal.

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