Dr. Ben Carson May Not be the Answer for Conservatives

Save our Healthcare Dr. Ben Carson

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – We’re Right Even if You Don’t Want to Hear it.

Here’s the thing… Dr. Ben Carson is a Conservative American who wants to run for president. He’s out doing public speaking, writing a book, appearing on TV, etc. We’re all for Conservative Americans running for president and we agree with much of what Dr. Carson has to say.

The problem for us is that we have spent 6 years correctly pointing out what a terrible mistake Americans made in electing Barack Hussein Obama. One reason that is an awful mistake is that Barack Obama had no experience running anything, ever.

Now, Dr. Carson does have experience being in charge and accomplishing things… that makes him far more qualified than Barack Hussein Obama ever will be. However, Dr. Carson has zero experience running a town, a city, a county or a state. He would come into the White House, like his predecessor, with zero experience.

I just don’t think we can afford that and I’m not sure we should waste our time backing a candidate who simply is not qualified for the job.

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