Durbin Uses Racism to Defend Racism!

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org


Racist Meeting of the Minds?

Racist Meeting of the Minds?


I’ve met Dick Durbin. I have interviewed Dick Durbin (under a different name) for other media outlets. I’ve had conversations with him that lasted more than half an hour. I feel like I sort of got to know him. I no longer know who he is.

Democrat U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (part of the Obama Chicago Street Gang from Illinois), actually said today that white men don’t have it in their DNA to understand minorities!!!

What an outrageous thing to say!

Durbin is trying to come to the rescue of Racist Supreme Court Nominee Sonia Sotomayor. You know her. She’s the one who said a wise Latina woman (she’s so conceded she was talking about herself) more often than not will come to a better conclusion than a white man who doesn’t have that “experience.” Durbin told the Senate committee reviewing Sotomayor that in the past they have spent time “questioning white male republican nominees” to see if they go “far enough to understand minorities.” He said it is simply not in their DNA!!!

So, he uses Racism to defend Racism???

Can you even begin to imagine the weeks of news coverage we would have to endure, the endless political commentaries from the left, if a republican U.S. Senator had claimed that white male democrat U.S. Senators are not physically able to understand minorities? It’s simply not in their DNA?!! OMG. Is Durbin saying he actually believes the white male republican is a different species than the white male socialist-democrat he is? This is so far off the freaking deep end, I don’t even know where to start.

Dick Durbin used to be a man you would like to have as a neighbor. He’s now so far up the ladder in the inner workings of the democrat culture of corruption that he has lost his grasp of reality. Everyone knows that some white guys (and some black, red, blue, orange or any other color guys or gals) are racist and some are not, regardless of if they are Conservative Americans or socialist-democrats. There are backward-thinking racist bigots on all points of the political spectrum. Logical minds (rules Durbin out) understand this clear truth. Durbin however, actually wants you to think that racism only resides in whites, in males, and in republicans.

How then does he explain Sotomayor’s repeated Racist comments? President Obama and his Spinster, Robert Brothers Gibbs, have both said given the chance Sotomayor would choose different words. However, she was given the chance and she did NOT choose different words. She gave basically the same talk numerous times, and each time said that she herself was a “wise Latina woman” who would more often than not come to better judicial decisions that a “white male” who has not had those same experiences. That is the same as a white guy claiming that because he is a white guy he obviously will make better choices as judge than some Latina lady. It is nuts. And, it is nuts in both directions. It is racist. So, to defend her defenseless stupidity, Durbin joins her with his own. Pretty sad.


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