Expert: Obama Mental Issues Mean He Cannot Govern Effectively!

Dr. Keith Ablow today joined ConservativeAmerican.org in questioning the President’s mental state and ability to govern.

Leading the way Right, ConservativeAmerican.org has raised this issue several times in recent weeks hoping that someone at Fox, Continuing BS, National Barack Chanel or ABCDEmocrat News would actually do their job and raise this issue. We thank Dr. Ablow for his careful, and thought-out analysis of what might be causing the President to behave the way he has been.

Dr. Ablow wrote today

“Because [OBAMA BELIEVES] America victimized him and countless millions of others, any person or party or movement that opposes his views and does not yield to him is not just his adversary, but abusive, predatory and even threatening… Seeing Barack Obama as someone who has a victim mentality would explain a lot. That mentality relies on believing one has been harmed, that one was not responsible for the injuries that occurred, that one could not have prevented what happened and that the person’s suffering makes that person morally right and deserving of sympathy… This explains the seemingly bizarre statements he made castigating local police in Cambridge, Massachusetts for detaining a distinguished Harvard professor and man of color who they understandably considered possibly to be an intruder. It explains him thinking that if he had a son that his son would look and act just like Trayvon Martin, an alleged drug user and burglar who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, an older man of a different race. In fact, the president went further to suggest that, were he 35-years younger, he could be Treyvon Martin. If the president sees himself as a 17-year-old being held at gunpoint by an older man,

then it is too much to expect him to govern effectively.”

Back on September 27th, we asked Is Obama Mentally Unstable? From our post…

“I’m serious. I’m wondering if President Barack Obama has a serious mental illness that impacts the way he thinks and acts. If he honestly believes what he said today… “Most of the stories you’ll hear about how ObamaCare just can’t work, they’re just not based on fact,” Obama said. He continued: “They said this would be a disaster in terms of jobs. There’s no widespread evidence that the Affordable Care Act is hurting jobs. … Reforming health care’s going to help the economy over the long-term.” …then he is NUTS!”

Then on October 8th, we again questioned his mental stability

“The President has lost his mind. I question his mental stability. He no longer is living in reality. He is behaving like a dictator in love with himself, and willing to rule over all of us. He views the constitution as a document that limits his power (that was the idea, ya bozo!). He thinks the U.S. Supreme Court failed because it did not redistribute wealth. He is at best a socialist and at worst a communist and a dictator.”

And just this morning, prior to Dr. Ablow’s article, we reported:

“It doesn’t matter that this situation has happened 27 times before and the prior Presidents have negotiated all 27 times. What matters to the press is that President Obama said this has never happened before! It is another of his outrageous lies. If George W. Bush lied daily and could no longer control his urge to lie, we would have story after story interviewing mental health experts about what kind of mental problem this republican must have that causes him to lie constantly. The stories would necessarily conclude that the republican president is not mentally stable enough to continue to hold office. Barack Obama is that man. He simply cannot restrain his eagerness to lie. He cannot contain his joy when the media betrayers simply repeat what he says as if it is fact.”

Thanks to Dr. Ablow and Fox News, there now is at least one story in the more mainstream media, with expert opinion, that “it is too much to expect him [OBAMA] to govern effectively.” Yes, it is too much.

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