False Report: Jindal “India-born!”

By Peter Andrew
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Jindal was born in USA

Conservative American Bobby Jindal with his wife and child

In a move that makes one think of the false attempts to claim President Obama wasn’t born in the United States, the NDTV website is reporting Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is “India-born.” Jindal was NOT born in India. Jindal was born in 1971 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.NDTV stands for New Delhi (India) television, which claims to be the most watched network in India. Below is a screen shot of their website story still up on Monday, November 15th, 2010.

The NDTV story appears to be based on an article at the Politico website a few days ago.

Politico’s story DID NOT, claim Jindal was born in India! However, Politico does offer this odd description of Jindal; “While a familiar figure to political insiders — largely for his Indian-American heritage, sterling résumé and a regrettable State of the Union response last year — Jindal is largely undefined with the broader voting public.”

Maybe his family heritage is what makes Politico pay attention to Jindal. Liberals do tend to focus on skin color. At ConservativeAmerican.org, we don’t care what color his skin is, or what is family’s heritage is, we like him because he is a Conservative American.

ConservativeAmerican.org has asked NDTV if this is a translation error or perhaps just a simple mistake. We are waiting for their response.

For the record, Esquire Magazine calls Jindal “All American,” noting his Louisiana birthplace. Jindal’s mother was born in India.

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