Fed Shutdown? Who Cares!

Boehner vs. Obama

Here’s the funny thing… this post ran February 28, 2011!  

Republicans and Union-Democrats in Washington can’t seem to agree on a budget deal to keep the federal government running. Does anyone really care?


By Peter Andrew
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federal budget battle


I’m only half kidding here. If no budget deal is reached, the non-essential services of the federal government will “shut down” until a deal is reached. Hmmmm. Non-essential things shutting down… sounds like a good plan to balance the federal budget!

While republicans are proud of themselves for cutting $100-billion in spending (and that is a good first step), that’s only a small fraction of the $1.5-Trillion defecit in one fiscal year! Union democrats, with leader Barack Hosni Obama, say no way will they agree to such big cuts! BIG CUTS?! Say wha’? These are not big cuts.

The only one with the guts to begin to suggest real cuts has been U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. His plan would slash $500-billion from one year’s federal budget. Even that plan only addresses one-third of the budget shortfall for one year!

For me, none of the plans go far enough. Is it that outrageous to ask that one member of congress actually suggest a budget that is balanced? In other words, a budget that cuts the $1.5+-trillion necessary to make that happen?

So neither side seems willing to budge and it appears the federal government will shut down for the first time since the Gingrich-Clinton battle. We could all use a few days off from the feds. Or maybe a few weeks. Wait, if we leave it shut down long enough, we might balance the the budget after all! While we’re at it, we might realize that we don’t need all those programs and services!

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