Federal Prosecutors Subpoena de Blasio’s Campaign & NY Dem Party

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Mayor de Blasio - Business Insider image
Mayor de Blasio – Business Insider image

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is accused of using the roads of New York to score revenge on his political opponents.  The partisan republican press is all over this one with calls for de Blasio to step down and commentators saying this will ruin his chances to run for President in 2016.

It’s called Plowgate.  It seems when some districts in New York city decided to vote against him in the race for mayor, he decided to score revenge against them using the roads!  He simply chose to have his plows “forget” to plow the republican neighborhoods

Republicans said this was a scandal far worse than Watergate or the Iran-Contra affair and a federal prosecutor who also is a major donor to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, has been appointed to do a fair investigation into the matter.  The prosecutor not only has issued subpoenas for de Blasio’s campaign records but is also asking for the campaign records of the entire state democrat party.  Meanwhile, the IRS has demanded the democrats hand over the names, addresses, cell phone numbers and email contact information for every democrat donor in the state of New York.

By now you have probably noticed this post is filed under political satire.  But gosh, the story sure sounds familiar doesn’t it? Some politician being accused of using roads to payback political enemies and some giant federal investigation into it?  I dunno, it’s hard for me to remember, but I think it was that whats-his-name governor in New Jersey.  You know, the “Get the hell off the beach!” guy.  Yeah, him.

After all, what Christie did was a far greater scandal than the Hillary-Obama coverup of the Benghazi killings, riiiiiiiiiight? No need for a non-political Department of Justice (for blacks and democrats only) investigation into that.  I mean, what difference, at this point, does that make?  The real issue is Christie’s staff closing some lanes on a road.  That’s the “BIG” news.

And it’s fair to use a political donor to investigate a political enemy, riiiiiiiiiight?  That’s what the freaking left tells us!

Can you imagine if that Christie situation was reversed (like we just imagined above) and if a democrat used roads to punish enemies?!!  Surely there would be a federal prosecutor, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?  Surely records would be seized and media would crucify him on behalf of the republican party, riiiiiiiiight?  I mean, everyone knows the media is in the tank for the republicans, riiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

This makes me sick.  What happened to the United Freaking States of America?

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