Fey Scar Secret Revealed!

Click Image for more from NBC
Click Image for more from NBC

Tina Fey (the Saturday Night Live star who pretended to be funny while dressed up as Sarah Palinhas a secret. It’s the scar on her face. If you look in the picture above, just to the right of her mouth and below her lip there is quite a large scar on her face. Fey has not been willing to tell anyone where she got the scar until now. And it has not affected her beauty or success.

Apparently early in her career, Fey was doing a photo shoot when the camerman decided to play a little joke on her.  He wanted to be popular with his pals and thought by making Fey look stupid, they’d all laugh at her and then he’d be popular.  So, he set up the photo shoot with some live barnyard animals in the background.  While Fey looked at the camera and did all her poses with smiles, the crew let the animals run around behind her.  Seems one of the turkeys ran into the shot and started attacking Fey’s face, causing injuries that resulted in the scar.  The media said it was stupid of Fey to do the shot with the live animals.  It was just another example of how stupid and uninformed the young woman was.  They failed to point out that Fey had no idea that the camerman and his crew had set her up.  Instead, they just painted her as stupid, again.

The camerman and his crew went on to live a happy life and entered politics.  Fey did not let it knock her down and went on to a great career.  The turkey was removed and slaughtered.  A reliable source has told ConservativeAmerican.org It was consumed by Sean Hannity and his family for a Thanksgiving dinner feast several years ago.

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