Forget Clemens, How About Obama!

The Feds today brought an indictment against baseball pitching great Roger Clemens. They say he lied to congress. Shame on him.

Wait… didn’t President Obama lie to congress as well?! Why don’t we indict him!

Obama as Ali Obama & The 40 Thieves

Ali Obama & The 40 Lies!

We documented how the President told 40 lies to Congress in a single speech on 9/9/9! There were 21 new lies, 5 flip-flops, 1 scandalous admission and 13 old lies told all in the same speech! He’s “Ali Obama and the Forty Lies!

Clemens? Forget Clemens, Indict Obama if lying to Congress is a huge crime. While we’re at it, how about all the congressmen lying to each other? How about them too?

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