Forget the Ukraine, USA Sends Troops to Uganda

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

While President Obama hopes scary words and “tough” sanctions with no bite will frighten Russia and punish Vladimir Putin for taking the Crimea, his real battle is in Uganda.

Yes, forget the Crimea. Forget the Ukraine. Forget Georgia. That’s the Obama administration strategy. You can just hear them saying, “We have to SOUND tough, without BEING tough.”

Meanwhile, Team Obama is sending special forces and military aircraft to Uganda to help find a warlord named Joseph Kony. Kony is some terrorist thug that has been wreaking havoc in that part of Africa for years. So, even though the War on Terror is over, or non-existent or something, Obama is sending troops to track down a terrorist.

Presumeably with advice from John Kerry, Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett, President Obama has ordered the Defense Department to enact military plans to find and capture Joseph Kony. Kony’s actions in Africa are more of a threat to the vital interests and national security of the United States than Russia expanding its borders… even though most Americans have never even heard of Joseph Kony.

I can already here the 2014 campaign slogan, “Kony is dead and Obamacare is alive.”

The priorities set by this administration when it comes to foreign policy are bizarre and have weakened our position around the world.

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