France is Tougher than US?!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

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Barack Obama & John Kerry – Weak & Weaker
All of the sudden, France is showing the leadership the USA won’t.

On September 4th, we pointed out it was getting annoying that the President of the United States had decided to be so polite to ISIS, the Islamic State of thugs and terrorists. He was about the only one in the world who insisted on calling them “ISIL.” That’s the name the terrorists preferred and hey, why not be polite? Can’t we all just get along? *Gag.*

ISIS, or as President Obama politely calls them “ISIL” as they prefer…

Adam Taylor at the Washington Post explains…

“…many called it the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). However, due to differences over how the name should be translated from the Arabic, some (including the U.S. government) referred to them as ISIL (the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)… “This is a terrorist group and not a state,” [French] Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told reporters last week, according to France 24. “I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims and Islamists. The Arabs call it ‘Daesh’ and I will be calling them the ‘Daesh cutthroats.’ ”

Apparently the thugs hate that name. All the more reason to use it. Reminds me of when President George H. W. Bush would call the leader of Iraq, “So-DAM hINSANE.” That’s what it always sounded like to me when he said it anyway.

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