Glenn Beck Follows Our Lead – Obama says America Not Always a Great Country!

Glenn Beck followed our lead on his show, drawing attention to the fact President Barack Obama recently said he does NOT think America was ALWAYS GREAT!


By Peter Andrew
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On Wednesday, ConservativeAmerican.org noted in the Official Obama Administration Scandals List

Obama’s Fake Debt Concern Speech – Lie # 3 – Socialist Handouts Make us a Great Country! 4/13/11 The President claimed today that the United States would not be a great nation without socialist welfare handouts like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and unemployment insurance. So,Obama just said our nation was NOT A GREAT COUNTRY for the first half of our history!! Obama: “we would not be a great country without those commitments.” Somehow we got along without these democrat handouts. And, Mr President, yes we were a great country without them!

Then yesterday, Glenn Beck joined us in our effort to let the people know what the President really said…

Obama says America sucked until 1965 – President Obama’s speech yesterday was like none given by any President in history. He actually admitted that he believes America was not a great country until several massive entitlements were put in place. This may seem shocking but is consistent with the apology tours, calling the Constitution a ‘charter of negative liberties’, and his wife saying for the first time in her adult life she’s proud of America. Even given all of the America sucks history, it’s still a shocking statement.


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UPDATE: The DC Caller says Beck is following many people… and NOT always giving them proper credit for their work!

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