Go Placidly Amid the Noise & Waste

Panetta Sneaks in Amid Noise & Waste

There was an old song they played when I was a kid that was sort of a spoof on a graduation speech.  The chorus was ‘encouraging’ and let you know, “You are a fluke of the universe.”  It started off with the phrase, “Go Placidly amid the noise and waste…”

That’s sort of how Americans are being tricked into reacting to the Obama Administration.  There is so much intentional chaos, and there are so many fictional deadlines for legislation going on.  It is a crazy time.  During all the noise and waste, we might miss something.

Did anyone notice the Senate quietly and quickly approved Leon Panetta as the new CIA director?  When the heck did that happen? Was that part of the bailout bill? What chaos was planned for that moment?  I thought some republicans were going to fight his nominationEven some dems said Panetta was not right for the job.  What happened to all of that?  He was officially sworn in yesterday amid the noise and waste.  Fox News reports:

“Panetta, a former [Clinton] White House chief of staff, said his goal would be to re-establish a relationship with the intelligence committees in the Capitol. He pledged honesty with President Barack Obama, within the CIA, and “most importantly, with the people we serve.” Panetta is overseeing major changes in the CIA as directed by Obama, including an end to the use of harsh interrogation tactics and the closure of secret prisons.”

Background on Panetta from the Official Obama Administration Scandals List:

Democrats Diane Feinstein (CA) & Jay Rockefeller were ticked off Obama not only picked Panetta to run the CIA, but didn’t ask them or even tell them before it all hit the media!  It was another headache for Obama as people on both sides of the aisle were saying that Panetta was unqualified to run the CIA.  Panetta was the key advisor when Clinton decided against taking Osama Bin Laden from the Sudanese who were ready to hand him over.  Panetta took $700,000 in speaking & consulting fees from bailed out firms and companies doing biz with the government.  Sounds like another lobbyist in the ‘no-lobbyists, I promise’ Obama administration.

So the guy who helped Clinton avoid picking up Bin Laden now is in charge of keeping us all safe.  Great.  We’ll all sleep better tonight knowing the Clintons are back in charge of the CIA.  Not.

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