GOP Sidious Senators

John McCain as Darth Sidious
John McCain reminding Conservatives He Will Stop Anything They Try

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org

Every time the Conservatives actually get something done in the U.S. House of Representatives, the wimpy republicans in the U.S. Senate wipe it out.  Johny MaverDick McCain and his pals always insist on shutting down any advances Conservative Americans make.

With Conservative American representatives in the House passing the continuing resolution that defunds the ObamaCare Nightmare, will the Sidious Senators follow suit?  Or, will they do what they always do, shut down the Conservatives?  HotAir.com reports that Conservative American Senator Ted Cruz is at least trying. Oh, we have a few good people like Cruz in the Senate now, but they have no power and are told by democrats and “fellow republicans” to sit down and ‘shuddup.’

It would be nice if all republicans united to vote for the House bill in the Senate and convinced a few of their democrat pals up for reelection that they too should vote for the House bill.  We know the white-black President would veto it, but the House could override the veto.  Once again it would come down to the Senate where it would likely fail.  It’s awfully hard for a minority party to drum up 66 votes in the Senate.  However, if democrats hoping for a future know what’s good for them, it could happen.

Then I wake up and realize once again, we have a bunch of wimpy GOP Sidious Senators who will proudly proclaim in unison, “I AM THE SENATE!” as they destroy any advance a Conservative American makes.


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