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It’s still fun (probably always will be) for me when others pick up on something we have pointed out. The President of Americans for Tax ReformGrover Norquist, has an article at the Politico discussing the liberal cries of, “Hey, Bush did it too!” That’s something we wrote about December 31st and Politico makes a note of that at the top of the article.

Norquist writes…(I added the links)


Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist

“The “Bush did it too” argument is the end of the presumed moral superiority of Obama/Reid/Pelosi. This “Bush did it too” refrain is the sound of one more broken promise of the 2008 campaign. They weren’t going to have earmarks, they weren’t going to tolerate corruption, they weren’t going to have lobbyists write their bills, they weren’t going to raise taxes on middle income Americans, they weren’t going to spend a new dollar without reducing spending elsewhere by another dollar, they were going to have all legislation online for us to read before being voted on, they were going to have their bills written with CSPAN letting America watch.” 

Norquist points out you can now include the elder President Bush in the “Bush did it too!” cries from the left. As we point out in our previous posting today, President Obama has his own “Read My Lips” moment, the famous refrain from President George H.W. Bush that ensured he was a one-term-only president. As Norquist writes, “And the next “Bush did it too” is Obama’s “read my lips” moment now that he says his promise not to tax those earning under $250,000 is “agnostic”.

Rush Limbaugh today also commented on the bizarre use of the word “agnostic” in this case. An Agnostic is one who chooses not to decide if there is a God or not. They are simply happy with the “maybe there is, maybe there isn’t” attitude. Does this mean Obama is cool either way with raising taxes on those making less than $250,000 a year?!

Leading the way Right, our original post said…

Now the cries come from the left, “Bush did it too! Bush did it too! Na-na nuh-na-na!” It’s annoying and it’s bizarre. So are we to believe its okay that Obama did x or y because, after all, Bush did it too?

You lefties tell us how much you hate Bush! Now is Bush suddenly okay? I mean you’re defending your guy by saying Bush did it too, so doesn’t that mean you’re suddenly defending Bush? Having your cake and eating it too, aren’t you?

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