Gun Wounds Prove He Was Surrendering – Or Not.

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way right.

The former coroner you always see on Foxy-Blondes-News is making headlines (and money) today. He says the guy, Michael Brown, who was shot to death by a cop in Ferguson, Missouri was shot six times.

He presented a drawing showing the locations of where the bullets entered the body, and Brown family lawyers say it “proves” that Brown was shot while he was trying to surrender. I beg your pardon? How exactly does it do that?!

The drawing shows six bullet wounds entering the front of Michael Brown’s body, a few in Brown’s right arm and at least one in his head. Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News reports, “Lawyers for Brown’s family said the results of of the preliminary autopsy support witness accounts that Brown was trying to surrender when he was shot. “Why would he be shot in the very top of his head? A 6’4″ man,” attorney Daryl Parks said. “Makes no sense.””

The drawing shows bullets entering the forward facing portion of Brown’s right arm in a normal standing position. The lawyers want you to think, and the media is all to happy to go along with their pre-determined narrative, that because all shots were fired into Brown’s front, he had turned around to face the cop and surrender. However, there’s another equally possible scenario.

If you are facing a cop with your hands up in the air to surrender, the shots which enter your right arm would enter into the side of that arm which faces backward when a person is standing in a normal upright position with their arms down. Raise your arms up and you’ll see what I mean. That’s not where the Fox coroner says the bullets entered the body. So, were his hands up or not? Also, the shots in the head could have been fired at a man who was charging at the officer with his head down as a football player would do.

For Attorney Daryl Headlines Parks to claim this settles it, is nonsense and he knows it.

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