Gwen Ifill: Racial Politics

February 21st, 2009

Infamous presidential debate moderator Gwen Ifill has her own two cents to add to the Eric Holder-created racial discussion…and that’s about what her comments are worth.  Ifill told the Center for American Progress and Think Progress that she does not think Michael Steele was elected RNC chair because he was black.  Her logic?  From Think Progress:

“Ifill said that she didn’t believe that RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s race was the motivating factor behind why Republicans elected him. In the interview, Ifill said that “they weren’t so caught up with the idea of Barack Obama being black that they were going to sacrifice their need to [for a] come-back just to elect a black guy.  They needed someone that could articulate what the Republican brand still is,” said Ifill. “And he did that better than the other guys running for office.”

Okay.  And it had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact we had a black democrat in the White House, right? She feels blacks have gone backwards with the republican party:

“In fact, we seem to have gone backwards. I mean, we used to have J.C. Watts in the House, but now there are no black Republicans in Congress. At all. That’s a step back. In order to change that direction, there has to be recruiting going on. I think there is recruiting going on at some lower levels, but they’ve got some ground to make up.”

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