Hagel & Obama Continue Plans to Quit in Afghanistan

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Solving one problem in Afghanistan.
Solving one problem in Afghanistan.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced today that several plans are being drafted to prepare for the Obama-directive to quit the war in Afghanistan. Hagel says, “At President Obama’s direction, and with my strong support, the Department of Defense will move ahead with additional contingency planning to ensure adequate plans are in place to accomplish an orderly withdrawal by the end of the year should the United States not keep any troops in Afghanistan after 2014.”

Sounds like they want to keep options open as the Afghan President has proven he is no friend of the USA. What choice does he have? President Karzai knows the USA is quitting and going home. That leaves Karzai there with the Taliban. He thinks he might get to live if he buddies up with the Taliban. Time will tell. Karzai recently released terrorists who killed US Soldiers, a move that resulted in us suggesting Karzai should get a personal visit from a drone!

Hagel says because Karzai doesn’t seem willing to “sign the Bilateral Security Agreement, which would provide DoD personnel with critical protections and authorities after 2014.” No “critical protections” for our soldiers… So, Team Obama is stepping up plans to get out of Afghanistan by the end of the year. Hagel says various options are needed, “To provide flexibility to the President as we work to determine the future of our presence in Afghanistan.”

“As the United States military continues to move people and equipment out of the Afghan theater, our force posture over the next several months will provide various options for political leaders in the United States and NATO,” said Hagel.

We’re all tired of war, right? I get that. I’m just not sure about the way we have “ended” the wars in Iraq and, seemingly soon, in Afghanistan.

In Iraq, the military effort was a huge success. The bravery and determination of our young men and women in the US Military made that happen. Some of them paid the ultimate sacrifice, losing their lives in battle. But, we won, right? When we (for the most part) left Iraq, we did not keep a military air base in that nation, something that would have been a very strategic military advantage to the USA. We did not demand proceeds for oil sales to help pay for the war, something that had been discussed as the war began. President Obama even “invented” (made up) a new kind of soldier, the “non-combat soldier.” That allowed him to lie and claim he had lived up to his promise to get our fighting forces out of Iraq. Did we win? Today the black flag of Al Qaeda flies over Fallujah in Iraq.

In Afghanistan, we also plan to keep no air base. Keeping an air base would be a a strong strategic advantage as the US deals with continuing tensions and conflicts with Iran and North Korea, let alone situations in Syria and Egypt. The President, who said he was uncomfortable with the word “victory,” seems okay with “not winning” wars in which he is the Commander-in-Chief. He’s okay with just quitting and coming home.

Most Americans at this point, are apparently in agreement. The nation is tired of these never-ending wars. But this President, who as Senator demanded to know what the “goals” of the war were and what the “exit strategy” was, has stated no goals and made no exit plans. His only goal seems to be to leave. If we were going to do that, shouldn’t he have done it in 2009 and prevented the loss of life that has happened since then?

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