Has Anyone Checked the Other Oil Rigs?

By Peter Andrew
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Oil Rig Safety

Okay. So you own an oil company and your dumping millions upon millions of dollars into a new offshore oil rig. You hire the best people to design it right, the best engineers you can find. And no one thinks you should have a back-up way to shut off the oil flow?!

Seriously, what kind of people put this BP Oil Rig in the gulf together? They had a way (one, single way!) to shut it down, but it didn’t work. No problem, right? Just go to the back-up! No back up? Wouldn’t you think for all the money they invest they would want to have two, three or even four layers of safety? Three or four ways to shut the thing down at various points in the system?

Mrs. Andrew asks (she is the smart one in the family), Has anyone bothered to check the other U.S. Offshore oil rigs? Could this same type of disaster happen again today or tomorrow at one of these other rigs?

How many ways do they have to shut off their wells? Just one? How many layers are in the safety systems they have to seal it down? Hmmmmmmmmm?

If the companies are not willing to patrol themselves and protect our environment, wouldn’t you think the great and powerful Barackanator would jump in? Where is Ken Salazar? Has he ordered emergency inspections of all U.S. Offshore oil rigs? If not, why not? Have the other rigs been checked to make sure they are smarter than BP and have more than one way to shut the dang thing off?! If not, why not?

I am dead set against banning offshore drilling because of this mishap. However, that doesn’t mean I enjoy the destruction this spill is causing or that I am okay with another disaster. Let’s use our brains here folks. Shut the other rigs down while additional shut down methods are installed and tested. We can learn from this and make offshore drilling more safe.

In the meantime, let’s resume with offshore exploration and drilling. And, let’s drill on land in Alaska already. Unless we have huge technological breaks, it is foolish at this point to invest in Progressive Liberal green energy, or alternative energy. We need to invest in what works now: Nuclear Power, Coal and Oil. Let the private sector do the R&D on alternative energy. We need to drill, baby, drill, build more nuclear and clean coal power plants and make our nation stronger.

BTW, part of the liberal BS-line the majority of us fall for is where they say to “lessen our dependence on foreign oil.” We all say Bravo! to that before even thinking about it. The fact is the largest source of evil foreign oil for the United States of America is…. drumroll… (people guess the MidEast, Saudi Arabia)… CANADA! That’s right, government data shows the largest source of foreign oil for us is Canada.

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