Hatch Blames Cruz for Cuccinelli Loss!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

Hatch Blames Cruz
Hatch Blames Cruz

Did anyone else see U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch on Foxy Blondes News this morning?  He blamed fellow republican senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz for the fact gubenatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli lost his election in Virginia.

Hatch says it’s so awful that these two nuts (Lee and Cruz, though he didn’t use their names) insisted on shutting down government, and since half of Virginia works for the government, this is obviously (to Hatch) what caused the Cuccinelli loss.

I would think any voting government workers who were shut down owe Mike Lee and Ted Cruz a personal thank-you note for the DOUBLE PAY they got during the shut-down.  These folks received unemployment benefits and then got back-pay as well.  So for taking a vacation, they got paid twice.  They also got free stuff including pole dancing classes (nope, not making that one up).

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And he must know that Cruz and Lee are most certainly not to blame for the Cuccinelli loss.  First of all, Cuccinelli almost won.  Second, the democrats funded a Libertarian to take votes away from Cuccinelli and that worked.  Finally, the members of the Republican National Committee chose not to invest in Cuccinelli in their apparent foolish battle against the Tea Party.  Without the Libertarian getting funded, who knows.  With some actual GOP support from folks like Hatch, Cuccinelli could have won.  How dare he blame Conservative American Ted Cruz?  Hatch is just one of the life-long insider republicans who snubs his nose at Conservatives taking action.  Can anyone say Term Limits?

It also is worth noting that Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were correct!!  We should have shut down the government to prevent the Obamacare Nightmare from happening.  Instead, Hatch and his pals liked the Pelosi strategy of just letting it happen.  You know, ‘We have to let it happen, to see what’s in it.”  Cruz and Lee need to do this again in January and the GOP needs to get some balls and support the effort. Let the freaking feds shut down (and more than 17% this time boys, no one took you seriously) and refuse to move forward unless Obamacare is delayed until 2017.  Period.

What's the difference?
What’s the difference?

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