Heading Off Hillary

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

President Obama is in big trouble. He’s going to lose control big-time on November 2nd. He won’t have a democrat congress or senate come January. Democrats won’t appreciate that and will be ready to reconsider having Obama as the top candidate in 2012.

We’ve said before to watch for Hillary Clinton to step down by the end of January to mount her own presidential campaign in 2012. It’s certainly a possibility. Now Bob Woodward is reporting B-Rock may head her off at the pass by having her and Joey Buttafuoco Biden switch jobs!

Fox Foto — Eeeeew!

Ask yourself why now? Why is this news breaking from Woodward right now? 2012 is a long way off. Ah, but if Hillary RahmRod Clinton wants to run in 2012, she’ll have to start making some moves quickly. Thus, our prediction that she would move on by the end of January and start putting her own team together. The White House Obamster can’t let that happen. He has to try to do something. And, he may have to do something, even if it is only making a promise to Hillary, in the next four months.


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