Healthcare Rationing – A Future Obamacare Betrayal

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Built in Awesome.  It’s what we do.

Even now, with millions losing the health plan they liked and could afford, will people listen when we talk about what else will go wrong because of Obamacare?  Okay folks, if you will listen, here’s another one we know:

The Obamacare Nightmare will lead to healthcare rationing in the United States.

Just more than 4 years ago, Shikha Dalmia wrote for Forbes that this was yet another of President Obama’s BIG LIES about healthcare.

She wrote…

Shikha Dalmia“Obama has been insisting, including during his ABC Town Hall event last week, that the rationing patients would face under a government-run system wouldn’t be any more draconian than what they currently confront under private plans. This is complete nonsense. The left has been trying to address fears of rationing by trotting out an old and tired trope, namely, that rationing is an inescapable fact of life because every system rations whether by price or fiat. But there is a big difference between the two. If I can’t afford caviar and champagne every night, any rationing involved is metaphoric, not real. Genuine rationing occurs when someone else controls access–how much of a particular good I can consume. By that token, Obama’s stimulus bill has set in motion rationing on a scale unimaginable in the land of the free. Indeed, the bill commits over $1 billion to conduct comparative effectiveness research that will evaluate the relative merits of various treatments. That in itself wouldn’t be so objectionable–if it weren’t for the fact that a board will then “direct financing” toward approved, standardized treatments. In short, doctors will find it much harder to prescribe newer or non-standard treatments not yet deemed effective by health care bureaucrats. This is exactly along the lines of the British system, where breast cancer patients were denied Herceptin, a new miracle drug, until enraged women fought back. Even the much-vilified managed care plans would appear to be a paragon of generosity in comparison with this.”

This isn’t your father’s Olds-healthcare-mobile. For that matter, this isn’t your father’s old-America either.

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