Helen Thomas: Obama Control Shocking!

July 2009

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org
Right. In the Fast Lane.

Helen Thomas, the Associated Democrat Press White House reporter for the last 832 years, called the Obama Administration’s control of the media “Shocking!” No, we’re not making that up. Thomas, who has clearly been in the tank for the democrat-socialists for years and often was rude to President George W. Bush, is actually questioning her own guy! That is what is shocking!

Chip Reed is questioning White House SpokesFraud Robert Gibbs about why the President’s coming Town Hall meeting is not really open to the public. The only questions will come from Obama supporters. Helen Thomas jumps in to agree Robert Gibbs…

Unbelievable. Shocking. I don’t want to go overboard and call in “encouraging.” However, I will note that the Obama Socialist Nationalization of healthcare will be in trouble if they piss off the likes of Helen Thomas and Chip Reed.

Helen Thomas admits that the Obama Administration calls reporters the night before press conferences to let them know they will be called on! This White House is so afraid that its own President will screw up without his teleprompter, that everything is staged! Talk about an empty suit!

Helen Thomas says Team Obama takes part in the “horrible engagement of pre-packaged” events. Wow. Actual press coverage. Shocking!

Reed no doubt will face disciplinary action at CBS (C for Couric and BS for what she does) from Palinizer Katie Couric!

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