Hillary 2016 won’t get Obama Voters

If Hillary Clinton is hoping to ride the Obama train into the White House in 2016, she’s making one assumption that may not be correct.

Now, I don’t give the democrat party much, but I will give them this. The socialist-union-democrats like President Barack Hugo Obama and Hillary RodRahm Clinton, know who their voters are. Not only that, they have proven since 2007 that they can do a better job of getting their voters to take action.

They know their voters…

1. …will believe whatever they say.

2. …will trust them and ignore media reports which indicate something opposite to what they have said.

3. …still believe their candidate would never lie to them. They trust the democrat party more than republicans, and certainly more than those nutty Conservatives.

4. …will do what they tell them to do.

5. …love it when they blame the evil, white, oil-owning, corporate-jet flying republicans! And, they will believe it!

6. …do not believe so-called scandals involving them. So, they know they can just delay an appropriate response, then deny it, ignore it, and just move on.

Will all of that David Axelrod-created manipulation of those who do not consume information automatically be transferred to Hillary Clinton?

They may believe what Mrs. Clinton says, but they know her husband is a liar and there may be an itch they can’t scratch that wonders if she also is a liar. They will continue to believe her over media they don’t consume. They will continue to believe that a President, or a Presidential candidate would never lie to them (despite believing the person running for the other party lies all the time). They’ll still cheer when Hillary blames republicans and they won’t generally listen to stories of all of the scandals Hillary has been involved in.

However, she may have a big problem with number 4 above. Black people turned out in huge numbers to vote for a president they viewed as the first black (though he is half white) candidate. He promised to make their lives better and they believed him. They still believe him and simply blame republicans for the fact their lives have not only not improved, but have gotten worse. They turned out again, though not in such large numbers, to reelect their faux champion who does nothing at all to improve the lives of young blacks.

You may have noticed Hillary Clinton is not black. She will not get the huge number of black votes that Obama did.

Hillary Clinton will also not get the white-guilt-inspired vote that Obama received from democrats, republicans and independents. These voters bought into the carefully marketed belief that electing Obama would once and for all put an end to racism and racial problems in this nation.

This group of voters realizes they were duped. They also are more willing to accept the fact Mrs. Clinton lies just as often as her husband. The President’s train will be leaving the station in 2016 and when the train returns to the White House without Obama, it may also return without Mrs. Clinton.
What do you think?

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