Hillary Begs Media to Investigate Benghazi Facts!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Recently Hillary 2016 Clinton stopped by the University of Connecticut for another safe appearance where she would be unchallenged by any opposing thoughts.

She made an odd statement though as reported by the democrat-run National Public Radio (NPR)…

“… a lot of serious news reporting has become more entertainment-driven, more opinion-driven, as opposed to factual. People book onto the shows political figures; commentators who will be controversial, who will be provocative, because it’s a good show. You may not learn anything, but you might be entertained. I think that’s just become an unfortunate pattern that I wish could be broken. Journalists will be quick to say, “I’d love to,” but there’s no audience for that. I believe that there can be, if people were given the chance to respond to not advocacy journalism, but more explanatory journalism. There is a lot going on in the world that needs explanation.There are so many examples of that… [emphasis added]”

So she actually pretends she WISHES the media would stop kissing her butt?! Less butt-kissing info-tainment and more “explanatory journalism?!” She has got to be kidding.

She actually wants journalists to make her “explain” things going on in the world that need explanation?! Gosh, you mean like your own coverup of the killing of four Americans in Benghazi?! How about that, Madame Hillary? That would be explanatory journalism, would it not?

She went on in the same interview to actually state that with climate change, for example, it’s okay to only report her side of the story and not the side of those who don’t buy the hoax of man-made global warming BS…

But [it’s] not [okay] to have people who just basically roll their eyes, and say it’s not happening

It’s not okay.” That’s what she said. It’s not okay to interview anyone who agrees with you that there is no such thing as man-made global warming. Your opinion that the earth has always had natural cycles of warming and cooling is “Not okay.”


This huge, blatant attack on the free press went virtually unnoticed and unreported by… the free press.

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  1. Hillary thinks that half of Bill’s Experience is her community property!

    Obama lied!

    The Ambassador died!

    Asleep at the switch?

    Or was it the witch?

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