Hillary Clinton Has Some Good Lines?

PUBLISHED: Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

By Peter Andrew

Well, Hillary Clinton scored points for her own future career last night.  She was very kind in endorsing Barack Hussein Obama and generally said what she had to and then left.

She had some good lines that could be used to hurt McCain.  The best was, “We borrow money from the Chinese to give to the Saudi’s to buy oil.”  No one wants to borrow money from the Chinese communists.  No one wants to give money to the Saudi terrorists.  And all her friends from Ferngully hate oil.  The line could be framed and used in ads against McCain.  I’m not at all saying I agree with her, just that it was a good line.

You don’t have to look to hard to find the Clinton’s in bed (sorry, bad choice of words) with the Chinese.  And, her own hubby was also in charge when we were buying oil from the House of Saud.  So it is cute that she suddenly doesn’t like the Chinese or oil from the Saudis.

Her “No way. No How. No McCain,” was catchy too.  However it can be flipped and works better with the last name Obama.  “No way. No How. NObama.”

Unfortunately her talk tells us she is not going away soon.  We’ll have at least 4 more years of Bill’s smug looks.  I about puked watching him last night. Did you see him grab the two people next to him and lift them up physically as he said “Stand up now. Stand up!” His reactions were as fake as Hillary’s “support” of Obama.  Enough about him.

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