Hillary says We’re Wrong, Big Time!

Friday, November 5th, 2010

According to Fox News, Hillary RahmRod Clinton says ConservativeAmerican.org is way off base in thinking she’ll run for president again.

“Asked by TV3 New Zealand whether she really has ruled out running for the White House through 2016, “Oh yes, yes,” she insisted. “I’m very pleased to be doing what I’m doing as secretary of state,” she told TV3 New Zealand.”

We have predicted on this site that Hillary will step down by January 31st, 2011 to run for President against Obama in 2012. We also predicted she would be able to win the nomination over incumbent Barack Obama.

If Mrs. Clinton actually is telling the truth, she’ll finish her time as Secretary of State and retire from politics all together.

UPDATE: See our Hillary 2016 Video.

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