Hillary’s Fingerprints on Christie Exit-Gate?

Hillary - What difference does it make?

Hillary – What difference does it make?

UPDATE: Less than 4 hours after we put up this post, the news is out that a top present-day Hillary Clinton adviser also pulled “a Christie” blocking traffic so Ed Bradley voters couldn’t show up in New Hampshire to vote against Al Gore! Gosh, you don’t think he could have thought of making this Christie thing a news item,… do you?!

Now, how many Conservative Americans would be surprised to find out that someone from Team Hillary 2016 was involved in publishing the email that links Gov. Chris ‘John McCain’ Christie to the closing of lanes on that Freeway?

Hillary 2016 is in full gear.  After the Clintons recently purchased the NY Times, the paper has been doing all it can to get rid of the Benghazi scandal.  No doubt to the amazement of the NY Times, the rest of the media did not blindly follow suit on that one because it was so stupid!  No one believes Hillary told the truth about Benghazi.  Some are just willing to overlook it.  You know, like ‘What difference, at this point, does it make?!’

Along with the effort to get rid of the Hillary Clinton weaknesses (good luck with that one!), there also is the Barack Obama-style need to eliminate all potential competitors.  Since the media decided a few weeks ago that Christie is the top GOP candidate right now for 2016, he’s the first one to go.   One by one, team Hillary will do whatever it has to do to belittle any potential opponents.

Hillary wants back in that White House bad.  Bill says he’ll come two if he gets a few interns.

– By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

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