Holder Ruins Career & Future, Quits His Job Early (Just Like Palin)

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

impeach holder trial balloon
Racist Eric Holder
Racist Attorney General Eric Holder reportedly is announcing today he is stepping down from his job, proving he is a quitter. He admits he just can’t handle the job. Experts everywhere are saying this will ruin his career and any hope at all that he had for any kind of legal future. They have basically branded him a LOSER for failing to fulfill his term in office.

Now, you know better than that! None of that is happening. That only happens to you when you quit if you are a Conservative American like Governor Sarah Palin. All of the commentators were quick to announce her resignation, label her a “quitter” and guarantee that her future was hopeless. They said she admitted she couldn’t handle the job and then, obviously, would never be able to handle an even tougher job like… oh, I dunno, maybe President of the United States.

The truth was that Sarah Palin made a very intelligent decision for her and her family. While no one wanted to hear it (and dems still don’t), the truth was that democrats used the tough new ethics laws Palin pushed through in Alaska to go after her. They filed trumped up claim after made up accusation knowing full well that the legal bills Palin would rack up would all have to be paid by HER, personally! So, she had a job that paid in the low $100K range and had already racked up personal legal bills of half a million dollars. She was ruining her financial future and putting her family at great risk by continuing as Governor. ConservativeAmerican.org was the first in the nation to get that story correct. We listed 10 good reasons Palin had to step down. Chris Cillizzo followed the next day with one of our ten reasons and Fox News a few days later had a few of them as well. Frankly, no one cared about telling the truth because Sarah Palin was a Conservative.

Had she stayed in the post, she would not have been able to write the book or get the paid speaking engagements which helped get her family out of debt (she was in REAL debt, unlike the Hillary Millionaire Clinton claim she and Billy Bob were broke when they left the White House).

So, with today’s announcement that the worst attorney general in history is finally stepping aside and taking his Justice-for-Blacks-Only leadership with him, why isn’t everyone talking about him as a quitter? A failure? Someone who has just tossed away any hope of a future he ever could have had? Hmmmm?

Perhaps Holder will return now to being an attorney representing accused terrorists and getting them out of jail. That’s what he used to do. Good riddance to this insulting coward of a racist. This isn’t the only racist Obama has appointed. Judge Sonia Sotomayor has also repeatedly made racist claims in public. She can step down next.

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